What’s Slowing Down Your Internet Connection?

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Keep up to date
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What’s  Slowing  Down  Your Internet  Connection?

Once you have decided to set up office in your own home, you will be interested in finding the best VOIP for small business.

One of the most frustrating problems you can come across as a home worker is slow internet connection, particularly if you don’t have immediate access to IT help, as you would do in an office.

If you have poor broadband, you can waste a lot of time figuring out what the issue is, so make sure you make these checks to speed up finding a solution.

  1. What is your local speed like

This is one of the hardest problems to overcome (unless you want to move…) but you do need to check whether or not you can actually achieve the speeds you need locally.

Some areas simply have poor internet connection and no matter how good your router or your wiring, it will never improve.

Ask locally to find out what to expect.

  1. Does your socket actually work?

Intermittently poor and slow connection may be due to a dodgy master socket. This is actually quite hard to diagnose, so you may want to get a phone line expert in to check this, rather than an engineer provided by your supplier.

Find out what you are looking at on the BT website.

  1. How old is your router?

Many of us rely on the router we are given by our provider when we first sign up to them. However, these are rarely top of the line, and will date very quickly. Find out which routers are compatible with your service provider and upgrade if you can afford it, to see if this makes a different.