More Planes To Have Broadband

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Keep up to date
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More Planes To Hve Broadband

The best VOIP service for small businesses is generally the one that works the most reliably, as you can’t be there all the time.

Now, you can even have access to broadband when you are on a plane, with many airlines choosing to offer this to people, and allow them to continue working even when at altitude.

Some airlines are doing this in order to create more revenue as people will pay highly in order to avoid losing precious business time while in transit.

A study entitled Sky High Economics: Quantifying the commercial opportunities of passenger connectivity for the global airline industry showed that an estimated 53 airlines now offer connectivity on board, and estimated that it will lead to the generation of a $130 billion global market within the next 20 years.

Dr Alexander Grous from LSE and author of Sky High Economics said: “Globally, if airlines can provide a reliable broadband connection, it will be the catalyst for rolling out more creative advertising, content and e-commerce packages.

So how does it work? According to The Telegraph there are two ways to get signal to a plane, either from ground or from satellites. However, it is still very slow with an average 12 Mbps speed, which is much slower than a land broadband speed.

Here are some airlines that offer wifi:

At a glance | Airlines that offer free in-flight Wi-Fi


Qatar Airways

JetBlue Airways


Turkish Airlines

Air China

China Eastern

Nok Air