London’s ‘Broadband Gap’ Revealed

While it’s easy to get the best VOIP service for business simply by working with Open VOIP, ensuring your company has a strong and reliable wireless internet connection is a different story completely.

If you’re based in central London, your IT and technology procurement team are sure to know only too well the problems that certain areas can have with ‘gaps’ in strong broadband connection.

Now, if you want to know where the best places and worst places for broadband is in the capital you can consult a handy map, made by a map expert from University College London.  Oliver O’Brien created the map for the Consumer Data Research Centre using average residential download speeds from Ofcom.

The map reveals that the houses surrounding Google’s London headquarters have amazingly fast broadband that can download a two hour high definition film in 25 seconds according to The Evening Standard.

However, some neighbourhoods see some of the slowest broadband speeds anywhere in the UK – the likes of the N1C postcode, which is part of the 2012 Olympic village has among the slowest download speeds.

So, while being the largest and most heavily invested in city in the country, why has something not been done about London’s poor broadband? In one word: infrastructure

O’Brien said of some potential reasons why this issue has not been tackled: “This is possibly because of the difficulty of installing the needed infrastructure under narrow, busy streets and through old, often historic buildings.”

The current usage of ageing copper telephone wires does not offer the support to carry high bandwidth internet to homes in the capital.