Government Announces Digital Infrastructure Investment

The government has revealed a new fund to help boost investment in the country’s digital infrastructure.

According to the HM Treasury, Infrastructure and Projects Authority, the new £400 million fund will help unlock more than £1 billion in private investment in full-fibre broadband. The aim is to improve broadband connections across the UK, making them more reliable and faster.

Ministers noted that this will have a range of benefits for businesses and individuals, but put particular emphasis on the way in which improved internet connectivity will allow a greater level of flexible working.

This is “pivotal for driving our economy forward”, because remote working can reduce overheads and help businesses to grow, the authority stated.

Andrew Jones MP, secretary to the Treasury, commented: “As technologies change and people’s habits move with them, it is crucial we play our part to ensure Britain stays at the front of the pack.”

This new investment could be welcome news for any firm that currently uses voip business phone systems, as a more reliable and faster connection will make a difference to their system.

As well as boosting investment in the UK’s digital infrastructure, the government is also looking at how to work more closely with industry to develop the country’s digital sector.

At the beginning of July, the first meeting of the Digital Economy Council was hosted, with government ministers sitting down alongside tech firms and academics to discuss issues such as how to protect the country’s tech sector and ensure it fulfils its potential as we leave the EU.

Cisco, Google, Facebook, BT and Apple are among the members of this council, which is set to meet quarterly to discuss how to boost the country’s digital industry as a whole.